Set up

What are the first steps?


Generate a knowledge base

To generate a knowledge base, we need your product catalog in XML or CSV format and the click and purchase behavior of your shop customers. The latter is recorded via a tracking code in your online shop in compliance with data protection regulations. The shop system does not play a role here.


Setup in the test system

We discuss your visual ideas together and send you the div element as a placeholder for the frontend of the intelligent search. You integrate this into your test system. Now we fine-tune the search algorithm and the required configuration.


Activate the live system

After the setup in the test system and the successful function test, the intelligent search is activated in your live system and is available to your shop customers as a guide to the desired product. If necessary, we will carry out a fine-tuning in live operation.


Introduction to our backend

We introduce you to our backend, the Control Desk, and train you in the various analysis and configuration options as well as the use of features. This will enable you to monitor and control your intelligent search.


Display of relevant search results

Your shop customers receive relevant search results and reach their desired product. In this way, you provide orientation during product research and reduce the bounce rate, which has a positive effect on your conversion rate and your turnover.

How does tracking work?

The integration of epoq services takes place in three phases:

  1. Installation of tracking (transfer of clicks and purchases to epoq)
  2. Building the data base at epoq (learning phase)
  3. Playout of products according to relevance in relation to the knowledge base


Since the epoq services generate data based on the click and purchase behavior of the online shop visitors, the services require the complete session data of the visitors. It is very important that known shop visitors (customers, identified visitors) can be tracked unambiguously.

The integration of the tracking into your online shop is done via a flow file provided by epoq. This must be integrated on all pages of your online shop. The longer the tracking runs, the more data epoq can collect and thus build up a larger knowledge base. All Data collected comolies with data protection laws.

The epoq tracking file (flow file) looks like this:


epoq Tracking file

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

The TENANT ID is assigned to you by epoq and is used to uniquely identify your online shop.

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