User Settings

These settings can be performed only by Company Administrators.


User Management

How can I manage users?

Company Admins can create users and assign roles to them via the 'Users' menu item. In role management, user-defined roles with specially restricted rights can also be created. These roles are not automatically provided with new features / menu options in a release and must be adapted by the company admin.



How can I add a new user to my company?

In the menu under the heading 'Settings' you will find the menu item 'Users'. Here you can delete existing users or create new users. Enter the name and email address of the new user. The new user will automatically receive an email notification with a link to create his password. In the next step you define the user role for the new user: How can I change the role of a user?



How can I change the role of a user?

To create new roles, see How can I manage user roles in the Control Desk?

If you want to change a user's role, you can edit the user in the user management by clicking the edit icon.

There are 3 predefined roles available:

  • Visitor: This role has only access to the key figures, not to the analytics and settings area.
  • Manager: This role has full access to the settings area, but is not able to manage users and their rights.
  • Administrator: This role has full access to the settings area and is able to add users and manage their rights.

Only add an administrator if he/she should also have access to the user management. You can create additional roles in the role management and assign them via the edit function in the user table.


Role Management

How can I manage user roles in the Control Desk?

In the role management tab you can see all roles that are currently created for your company. You can create, edit and delete custom user roles. The "Add role" button takes you to the dialog for adding a new role.  You can add a role name, a description and define the access rights.


In the access rights, you first select the tenant to which the new role should have access. You can define access rights for several tenants one after the other. Next, you select the section of the Control Desk. These are: Services, Data Management, Settings.  Then, choose the product area of the section the new user should see. Only the options that this tenant has booked as a service are displayed here. Then, in a multiselect where you can select multiple options at once, you select the navigation pane, i.e. the menu items that should be visible to this role.

The dashboard is always visible.



Afterwards you can assign the role to any user within the user management.

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