Key figures Overview

The dashboard provides a summary of important KPIs from the last 30 days. The content dynamically adapts to the booked services. By clicking on the button, you can quickly access the key figures area of the control desk and view more detailed information.


The following metrics are displayed in the dashboard panels:


  • Search requests
  • Click rate Search
  • Revenue rate Search
  • Conversion Search


  • Recommendation requests
  • Click rate Inspire
  • Revenue rate Inspire
  • Conversion Inspire


  • Mail openings
  • Revenue per opening
  • Mail click rate with history
  • Purchased carts


  • Guided selling sessions
  • Click rate
  • Revenue rate
  • Conversion

The definitions of the individual key figures can be found in the glossary inside the Control Desk.


Top 5

In the Top 5, you can view the corresponding data for each service. For Search, these are the top-selling search terms, for Inspire the top recommendations by clicks, for Connect the best-performing email recommendations by clicks, and for Advise the top 5 purchases from product advisor sessions.



What can I read and interpret from the tag cloud?

The tag cloud visualizes the popular search terms of the last 30 days. The display size of the search terms depends on the number of search queries for the search term.

By clicking on a search term you get a preview of the search result.

The preview shows the search result as it is displayed in the shop - but without personalization.


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