Interpreting key figures

The key figures and details for each service can be found in the Control Desk under Service > Key figures.

The definitions of the individual key figures can be found in the glossary inside the Control Desk.


What can I read from the charts?

Visual charts offer a quick insight into click and revenue performance over a specified period of time. Progression and trends become visible and give a comprehensive overview on the service performance. On each report page, you can select a time period at the top of the page. By clicking on the legend / elements, curves can be inserted and hidden in the charts. Hovering over the numbers below the chart will display definitions of the numbers. 


What can I read from the key figures details?

The key figure details depict the performance on a daily basis in the form of tables. All absolute key figures recorded by epoq are shown here. In addition, you can export each table as a PDF, XLS or CSV file and thus process the numbers in independent, self-created reports.


How can I export the key figures?

Each table can be individually downloaded via the download icon on the top right. You can choose between the file formats PDF, XLS and CSV.


How can I print reports?

You can print out both the key figures overview (charts) and the key figure details (tables) via the print button on the upper side.

By default, the entire page is displayed in print view. About the advanced settings (more options) in the print view, you can choose which areas you want to hide and show.

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