Result Management

What is the feature about?

In Result Management, you can manually optimize the result set for specific search queries or product listings. You can influence the order of the search results so that products with certain attributes are displayed at the "top" or at the "bottom". You can also optimize the result set by excluding certain attributes or limiting the result set to certain attributes. 

You can find Result Management in the Control Desk under Service > Search > Features. 


How can I optimize the result set?

Use the trigger to define whether the search result of a specific search term or a product listing should be processed manually. For a more precise definition you can use the filters. Optionally define the runtime of the entry and whether the entry belongs to a certain country code.

By editing the entry you can edit the result set for the trigger as well as the weightings within the result set. The weightings determine whether products with certain attributes should be displayed at the top or at the bottom. You can also influence the result set by excluding attributes or limiting the result set using the 'Exclusive' option.


What are the filters used for?

You use the filter to define precisely which search result you want to process.


You want to edit the search result in your shop, which appears when...

  1. You select the category 'Shirts' in the navigation under 'Men'? Then you only have to select 'Gender' as the first filter and enter 'Men' as the filter value. The second filter is 'Category' and the filter value is 'Shirt'.
  2. The search term is shirts that belong to the category 'Ladies' AND either brand 'A' OR 'B'? Then you have to select 'Gender' as the first filter and enter 'Ladies' as the filter value. The second filter is 'Brand' with the filter values 'A' and 'B'.

If you select multiple filters, they are connected by an AND operation, while the filter values are connected by an OR operation.


How do I manage the feature in the Control Desk? 

You can find the feature Result Management in the Control Desk under Services > Search > Features.

After you have created an entry, it will appear in the overview table. 



There you can activate/deactivate, duplicate, configure, edit or delete an entry. 

The symbols used in the Control Desk are explained here.


When does it make sense to duplicate an entry?

If you want to create an entry with the same result set but different configuration settings, you can duplicate a result management entry.

Example: You want to see all sales items at the top of the result set for the search terms accessories & swimwear at a specific time. You want to get the same result set at a different time for the search term accessories & winter jackets. In this case, you can duplicate your first entry and make the desired changes to the search term and time period in the configuration window.


Examples of Use

You can find some general Use Cases here.


How to display certain search results at the „top“ of the results page

For the search term „skateboard“ all complete boards should be displayed first and then the accessories (wheels, etc.).

Create a Result Management entry for the search term trigger Skateboard. Then add the category Complete boards to the „Top“ field in edit mode. Add the categories Skateboard Wheels and Skateboard Trucks into the field „Top“. Additionally activate the option „Consider sorting“. This ensures that the specified categories are played out one after the other and the products are not mixed by the
search algorithm.

The result set now consists first of Complete boards, then of Skateboard Wheels and then
of Skateboard Trucks. All other matching products will be displayed afterwards.



How to show certain products as „Exclusive"

For the search term sun glasses no ski glasses should be displayed, although they are also in the category Accessories.
Create a Result Management entry for the search term sun glasses and add the category sun glasses to the Exclusive field in edit mode.
This restricts the result set to the category sun glasses only. Products of the category ski glasses will no longer appear for this search term.



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