In order to link a Whitelist with a widget, the rule chain of that widget must include the Whitelist rule. For more information, see Rule settings for recommendations.

To learn more about widgets and the rule chain, see Widget Configuration.


What is this feature about?

In the Control Desk, you can create a Whitelist and add individual products with specific attributes from the product catalog to it. You can then link the Whitelist to specific widgets in the online shop. This way, the products selected in the Whitelist will be prioritized in the selected widgets. The Whitelist also influences the order of recommended products together with the engine, among other things.


You can create the following Whitelists:

  • Global whitelist: Whitelist affects all widgets in the online shop
  • Inspire Whitelist (Whitelist for an onsite recommendation widget): Whitelist affects only selected recommendation widgets in the online shop.
  • Connect Whitelist (Whitelist for an offsite email widget): Whitelist only affects selected email widgets.

Only one global whitelist can be created per country code.
Only one onsite or offsite whitelist can be assigned per widget.


How to define the result set of a Whitelist

Inside the Control Desk, in the editor of the Whitelist, you can define the products you want to highlight. 

The left side shows the product catalog with its fields and attributes prepared by epoq. On the right side you can see the result set, based on the selected attributes of the left side.

  1. Click on the icon pen-solid.svg to add individual products, categories or attributes to the Whitelist.
  2. Select any number of attributes to define the result set.
  3. Click Save.

The result set displayed corresponds to the products of your Whitelist. The products in your Whitelist will now always be displayed first for the selected placement (global, onsite, offsite).

If several attributes are selected within one field, the OR link applies, e.g.: Category "Outdoor" + Category "Ski" > Outdoor and Ski products are output.

If attributes from different fields are selected, the AND operation applies, e.g.: Brand "Puma" + Category "T-Shirt" > Only T-shirts of the brand Puma will be output.

This applies to all attributes, except for products, which are added by Product ID. These are "OR"-linked with each other, e.g.: Brand "Puma" + Category "T-Shirt" + ProductID "302" > All T-shirts of the brand Puma and a special Puma shoe will be output.


How do I manage the feature in the Control Desk? 

You can find the feature Whitelisting in the Control Desk under Services > Inspire/Connect > Features. After you have configured and linked the Whitelist, the entry appears in the overview.


There you can activate/deactivate, configure, edit or delete an entry. 

The symbols used in the Control Desk are explained here.


Examples of Use

You can find some general Use Cases here.


How to highlight individual brands for all recommendations in the online shop

You run an online business and want to highlight a specific brand in all the shop‘s widgets.
To do this, create a global whitelist and add the corresponding brand, e.g. Roxy, to the result set
in edit mode.

When the Whitelist rule is added to the rule chain, products of the selected brand will
be displayed preferentially in the recommendation widgets:


How to highlight a single product in the widget on the product detail page

You run an online business with spices and always want to highlight a specific product,
a „spice jar“, on the product detail pages in the recommendation widgets.
To do this, create a whitelist, link it to the recommendation widget and add the desired
product to the result set in edit mode.

Once the widget‘s rule chain is adjusted, the displayed product is always preferred in
the widget on the product detail page.

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