What is Typeahead?

The typeahead is a feature to help find the correct search term. When a shop visitor types the beginning of a search term into the search bar, a suggestion list appears with search terms that complete the entered word. Thus, the typeahead helps to find the right search term.

Therefore, various functions such as similarity analysis, thesaurus, etc. tend to be reserved for search and are not used in the typeahead - they simply do not belong there because they do not serve the function of finding the correct search term. The configuration of the typeahead is not visible in the control desk. In consultation with you, we design the typeahead individually according to your ideas.

Example: A shop visitor types the letters 'Te' into the search bar. He will then see a list of suggested search terms in the typeahead and can jump directly to the search result by clicking on the desired search term.


How can I optimize the typeahead?

Since the typeahead is only used to find the right search term, optimization measures are only possible or useful to a limited extent. The configuration of the typeahead is therefore not visible in the control desk, but is set by our team in consultation with you. You are welcome to discuss any further adjustments with us.


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