Search Use Cases

Here you can find examples of how to use each feature:


The order of my search results is not optimal. How can I push certain search results?

Do you have a product, e.g. a sneaker, with low returns and high margins that you would like to display higher up in the search results? Then you can use the Result Management. Here you have the possibility to optimize the result set for a search term or a Product Listing via various attributes, such as category, brand or color. You can display the products at the top or at the bottom, exclude products from the result set or create a result set that consists exclusively of the products you have selected.


My shop visitors abort the purchase process prematurely because of missing information about payment, shipping, return shipping, etc. - what can I do?

General information about the shop, e.g. delivery costs and duration, return options and quality promises must always be presented in a way that is present and easy to find, as it helps with the purchase decision. If you notice that many shop visitors leave the shop because of this missing information, you can integrate appropriate banners that appear above the search results, the product listing or in the typeahead, for example, and are thus very likely to be noticed by the shop visitor.

In case shop visitors often search for general information about your shop, it is worth creating specific content pages and integrating them into the search via the Link Finder . If shop visitors now search for payment, shipping, etc., they will land on the corresponding landing page.


Why do I get to the search result despite entering the wrong search term?

Mistakes are human and can happen in almost all areas - including when searching in shops. When entering data into a search field, one or the other typing error can creep in unnoticed and deviate from the actual search term. To keep the bounce rate as low as possible, the fault tolerance should be individually adjusted to the requirements of your shop. Because: If the shop visitors find what they are looking for directly, this not only increases their satisfaction and increases your chance of sales, but also the time they spend in your shop.


My search term does not return any hits - what can I do?

If you do not receive a hit for your search query, this can have two causes. Either the product you are looking for cannot be found under the search term you entered or the product does not (yet) exist in your shop.

Some of your shop visitors are looking for notebooks instead of laptops or even satchels instead of school bags. To cover such cases, there is the feature Thesaurus. This way you can easily integrate the language usage of the shop visitors into your search.

In addition, it makes sense to make content articles searchable. With the help of the Link Finder, you can redirect to pages of your shop that are not found with the help of the search, because they are not included in the product catalog, for example. Example: Imprint, Payment, Shipping.

If shop visitors search for something that is not (yet) available in your product range, this can also lead to no hits being displayed. To reduce the bounce rate in your shop and increase your sales, you can design an individual no result page for the no results search terms and point out alternative products. For this purpose, you can use the No Result Management feature in the Control Desk.


How can I draw attention to currently popular products?

Suitable products for frequent search terms should not only be found quickly via the search function, but also at different positions in the online shop. To do this, combine all popular products or products on a popular topic in a theme world. Theme worlds is a feature that you can use for the Search, Inspire, Stream and Connect services. So you can activate the theme world for search and use the URL of the search page for your own landing page, integrate it in certain recommendation widgets, e.g. on the start page, or use the theme world in your newsletter. You can define how you want to use the theme world yourself via the control desk.


How can I draw attention to discount promotions or brand campaigns in my shop?

You have started a discount promotion, e.g. 20% on all tents in the shop and want to promote it prominently? Then you have the opportunity to draw attention to your discount promotion with a banner on the search results page for tents. If you have summarized more detailed information about the discount promotion on a landing page, you can also link to it via the banner. Using the Banner Management in the Control Desk, you can design custom banners and link them to specific target URLs.


How do I check the current search behavior of my shop visitors?

Take a look at the most common search terms, no result searches, and no-click searches from the last 14 days. What are your customers currently searching for? Which search queries yield no hits? The search analysis in the Control Desk provides you with the answer to this question. Take a look at which search terms are currently being searched for frequently and make sure that relevant search results are displayed. If necessary, you can use the Search features in the Control Desk for optimization.

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