Product Advisor Use Cases

My product advisor is used frequently, but it has few clicks and low revenue.

A product advisor actively supports you in increasing your shop revenue. The goal is to guide customers to the ideal product in just a few clicks and to avoid returns and abandoned purchases.

However, if clicks and sales are very low, we recommend taking a closer look at the concept of the product advisor. A well thought-out concept with the right questions about the product category is essential for a successful product advisor.

The conception phase is about planning the needs assessment. It is mainly about the questions that are asked to the online shopper to determine the need. These questions are the basic element for the online product advisor. The integration of info icons also helps store visitors with filter selection. These explain the benefits of certain product features.


My product advisor has a low number of sessions - what can I do?

For the integration of the product advisor, precautions must be taken with regard to the advertising measures in the shop. The shop visitors must be informed of this during their shopping trip, otherwise the product advisor cannot be used. To ensure that your digital product advisor gets the attention of your store visitors, it is advisable to use a banner, e.g. above the search result.


How do I lower my return rate?

Your shop visitors have a need, but require assistance in selecting the right item from the respective product range, e.g. running shoes, strollers, but also self-explanatory products such as books or furniture. An intuitive product advisor can help. It removes uncertainties and leads to the right purchase decision, which reduces returns. This is exactly what epoq Advise offers.


The amount of product clicks within my product advisor is low.

The shop visitors use the product advisor and are shown a selection of products. If this product selection does not meet the requirements or wishes of the store visitors, they end the session.

A prepared product catalog is necessary for a successful product advisor. This is because a high-quality data basis is essential so that the right product can be determined for the need. All attributes required for the steps of the product advisor should be stored in the product catalog. This is the only way to display the products that correspond to the selection within the product advisor.

Example: A digital bicycle advisor asks, for example, where the customer usually goes cycling. If the customer's answer is "in the city," the product catalog must contain a category with bicycles for the city so that the product advisor can recommend a suitable bicycle. Alternatively, the value "in the city" can be composed of attributes, e.g. type of tire, etc.


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