E-Mail Recommendation Use Cases

Inappropriate recommendations for the products are played out in the newsletter. How can I determine which recommendations appear?

Recommendations mean on the one hand inspiration for your customers, on the other hand more sales for you! With the Combi Creator, the Control Desk offers you a feature to recommend matching products (Product Combis) and categories (Category Combis) Feature you can combine products and categories that match each other.

In your next newsletter, for example, you want to discuss business outfits. What can't be missing with a blouse, shirt and chinos? That's right, the matching accessories. You can use the Combi Creator to define the recommendations so that the matching categories, such as watches, laptop bags and belts, appear with the products. This way you can prevent unsuitable recommendations from being displayed in the newsletter.


Exclude categories in the newsletter - how to do it?

An emailing is particularly well suited to draw attention to promotions in the shop and to strengthen the bond with your customers. Using the example of a sports shop, it is worth sending out a newsletter with all summer sports articles during the first summer months. To do this, you can use the Blacklisting feature to exclude all winter sports articles from the recommendations in the newsletter. The personalized recommendations will encourage your customers to return to the shop and make a purchase.


How can I highlight popular products in the newsletter?

Individual products can be of particularly high interest in your shop because they are used frequently. For example, spice jars are frequently purchased in your spice shop. For this reason, the product should also be displayed preferentially in the newsletter. With the help of a Whitelist , this is possible with a few clicks!


How can I send personalized newsletters on specific topics?

Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, sale, International Women's Day, new collection, etc., there are numerous occasions and topics for which you can send interesting newsletters and increase the traffic in your online shop. So that the newsletter does not lose its relevance for the recipients, personalized content must not be missing in addition to the general content.

In the Control Desk, you can use the Theme worlds feature to define themes for your newsletter recommendations based on your product data, which are then played out in a personalized manner. For example, if you are planning a newsletter for a specific brand, you create a theme world for this newsletter for the brand and optionally for other criteria such as 'new products' only. When the newsletter is distributed to your customers, only new products matching the defined brand will be distributed. Which products are displayed in detail depends on the respective customer interest. In this way, the relevance for your customer is maintained in addition to the subject matter.

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