Widget Configuration

The configuration of a recommendation widget can only be done by epoq. Please contact our Customer Service team for any questions.



The configuration of the recommendation widgets is done in the Control Desk under Service > Configuration. In the overview you can see at a glance how many recommendation widgets are integrated in your online shop and where they are placed. You can see which version is activated, who was editing it last and how many rules are included. By clicking the edit-button you get to the Rule Editor where you can add, edit, prioritize or delete rules.


Widget Integration

The Widget Integration covers the following areas:

  • Control Desk Configuration: The widget is created in the Control Desk.
  • Front-End Layout: The design of the widget in the shop in done by epoq. Basically, to display the widget, a <div> placeholder must be included in the HTML page of the shop. The placeholder will later be dynamically filled with the relevant recommendations.
  • Rule Editor: The Rule Editor is used to edit the rule chain of a widget and thus the strategy.


Rule Editor

With the Rule Editor you can edit the rule chain and define individual strategies for the widgets. 

Each widget rule chain consists of several rules that are processed sequentially. Thus, the order of the rules has a direct influence on the recommendations that are displayed. The rules can be added, edited or deleted in the Rule Editor. Within the rule chain, the order of the rules and thus the prioritization can be changed via drag-and-drop.



In the sidebar of the Rule Editor you can see the currently active widget version. The individual versions can be selected via the drop-down menu.


Version overview

For each change of the rule chain, a new widget version is created. All saved versions of the considered widget rule chain can be found in the version overview. Here you can restore old versions or create a new version based on an existing one.



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