Questions about Integration

Can I host the epoq services myself?

Unfortunately, you cannot host our products yourself. Our products are only available as SaaS. This means that the latest version is always available to each of our customers.


How can I integrate epoq services into my online shop?

The integration is done via a line of Javascript, which can be easily integrated into your online shop. This connects your online shop to the knowledge base through which the intelligent algorithms establish a 1:1 communication with your online shoppers.


With which shop systems/email delivery systems are your products compatible?

Our products are compatible with any shop system and email delivery system and are easy to integrate.


What is the tracking for?

Tracking used to build a database for playing out products according to relevance in relation to the knowledge base. To do this, we need to record the click and purchase behavior of your shop customers. The latter is recorded via a tracking code in your online shop in compliance with data protection regulations. The shop system does not play a role here.


How long does it take from order to integration into the online shop?

We need about 2 weeks of lead time for a project. After that we need about 2-6 weeks until the product is integrated into your online shop.


Are the epoq service designed in responsive design?

Yes, our products are displayed equally on all devices.

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