Feature Management

What is the country code about?

The country code is the identifier for the language in the client's feed. A country code can be selected for certain feature entries in the Control Desk. This means that the entry is then only valid for this country code, i.e. for the corresponding shop language. 


Is it possible to set a time limit for the feature entries for my online shop?

Yes, you can set a time limit for certain features of the Control Desk. This means that the entry is only valid in the selected time. For some features there is also the possibility to activate/deactivate the entry. 


Is there a way to compare different time periods in the Control Desk?

Yes! For the analytics and key figures of each service, you can compare two, free selectable time periods.



Are there trainings for the Control Desk?

Immediately after the integration of an epoq service in your online shop you will get an onboarding training by our Customer Success Team. Within the training you will get to know the main features of the Control Desk as well as some useful hints and details for its usage.

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